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Understanding the Methods Used by Professional Window Cleaners

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

When it comes to keeping your windows clean, hiring a professional window cleaning company is often the best option. In this article, we’ll take a look at the different types of methods used by professional window cleaners, including the traditional method, the water-fed pole system, the use of Dawn dish soap as a cleaning solution, hard water solutions, and the use of razor blades and scrapers for post-construction cleaning. Understanding these methods can help homeowners make an informed decision when choosing a window cleaning service.

A professional window cleaner.

Traditional Method

The traditional method of window cleaning involves using a squeegee and bucket of soapy water. The window cleaner will apply the soapy water to the window using a scrubber, then use the squeegee to remove the water and dirt. The process is repeated until the window is clean and streak-free. This method is time-tested and effective, but it requires a certain amount of skill and practice to achieve professional-grade results.

Water-Fed Pole System

The water-fed pole system is a modern method of window cleaning that uses a long pole with a brush at the end to clean windows. The brush is attached to a hose that delivers purified water to the brush head. The window cleaner will scrub the window with the brush, then rinse it with the purified water, leaving no streaks or residue. This method is particularly useful for cleaning windows that are high or hard to reach, and it is often used for commercial properties.

Cleaning Solutions

Dawn dish soap has become a popular choice among professional window cleaners because of its unique formula that effectively removes dirt, grime, and other substances that accumulate on windows without leaving any streaks behind. This is due to its powerful degreasing capabilities and its ability to break down oils and other substances that can cling to glass surfaces.

One of the key ingredients in Dawn dish soap is surfactants, which are molecules that have both hydrophobic (water-repelling) and hydrophilic (water-attracting) properties. This makes it easier for the soap to penetrate and break down dirt and grime, making it easier to remove from the window surface.

Additionally, Dawn dish soap is also gentle enough to be used on delicate surfaces, such as tinted windows, and does not leave any residue or damage to the glass. This makes it a popular choice among professional window cleaners who want to provide a high-quality service without damaging their clients' windows.

Overall, the unique formula and effectiveness of Dawn dish soap make it a preferred choice among professional window cleaners when it comes to cleaning windows.

Even dogs enjoy clean windows.

Hard Water Solutions

A hard water solution is a method used to address the issues caused by hard water. There are several solutions available, including water softening systems, water conditioners, and chemical treatments. Water softening systems work by removing the minerals that cause hard water, while water conditioners change the chemical structure of the minerals so that they do not adhere to surfaces. Chemical treatments involve the use of specialized cleaning products that are formulated to break down and remove the mineral buildup on surfaces.

By implementing a hard water solution, homeowners can improve the quality of their water, reduce the occurrence of mineral buildup, and extend the lifespan of their plumbing fixtures and appliances.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Professional window cleaners often use razor blades and scrapers as a part of their cleaning process. This is because these tools are highly effective in removing stubborn stains, debris buildup, and other types of grime that can accumulate on windows over time. While traditional cleaning methods, such as squeegees and cleaning solutions, can be effective in removing surface-level dirt and debris, they may not be sufficient for more challenging cleaning tasks.

However, it's important to note that these tools should only be used by trained professionals, as they can cause damage to the glass or other surfaces if used incorrectly.

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