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Gutter Cleanng At Residential Home

Top Rated Gutter Cleaning Service In Los Angeles & Orange County, CA

We’ve all heard it said, “it never rains in Southern California”.  There is some truth in that, however if you’re a resident of the Los Angeles and Orange County areas you know we can get heavy downpours many times throughout the year. 


Most everyone loves the rain, but our homes might not feel the same way.


Rain can cause a lot of damage to your home and the main culprit believe it or not is from your gutters. There is actually a lot of damage that can be done from your gutters being clogged or otherwise not functioning properly.


Here are a few of the ways not having cleaned and functioning gutters can ruin your house. 


Roof Damage


Clogged gutters can cause water to pool on your roof and when that happens it's only a matter of time before it gets under your shingles and starts rotting your roof. Rotting roofs can cause cracking and leaking which can lead to water leaking inside your house and can even cause unhealthy mold to grow in areas that are under your roof. 


All of those damaged areas are going to continue growing and becoming worse with each new rain.


Foundation Damage


Your house is only as good as the foundation it sits on. Clogged gutters are the number one way homeowners start to experience cracks in their foundation which can lead to a host of other issues when not attended to. 


Fire Hazard


When water pools and spreads under your roof, or through the walls in your house, it can end up coming in contact with wires. Over time, this can cause a major fire hazard and even items like your appliances can become electrically charged. 


Ruined Landscaping


If you’ve spent any time in Los Angeles and Orange County, then you know how important landscaping is to most homeowners throughout the area. Don’t let a clogged downspout ruin all your hard work and money that went into making your landscaping look amazing. 


A blocked gutter or downspout is going to erode the ground following the path of least resistance. This means you could end up with plants that are receiving too much water, plants that have had their roots destroyed, and all sorts of insects moving in.


All of these are problems that can, do, and have happened to people all over the Los Angeles and Orange County area.

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