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Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Should I Clean My Solar Panels? 

A vehicle that’s well maintained runs better, longer and more efficiently, so there should be no surprise that solar panels do their job the way they’re intended when they’re given the same level of attention.


In an experiment carried out by Google at its Mountain View headquarters, found that cleaning flat lying panels “doubled their energy savings overnight” Another study by The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory showed a potential 30 percent energy loss per year, if solar panels are not cleaned monthly.


When solar panels are lying flat on a roof, water can pool up and cause areas of the panels to completely block the light from being absorbed through the panel. Worse, things such as leaves, tree branches, moss and other debris can land on the panels and will start to seriously affect performance.


How Often Do Solar Panels Need Cleaning?


The frequency of cleaning your solar panels will depend greatly on your home's location. Surface buildup can vary greatly from house to house, and it’s not just about geography. Home’s in the same neighborhood can have very different cleaning requirements, depending on their proximity to trees, shrubs or other types of pollution. However, it's recommended that all solar panels get cleaned at least twice a year minimum to maintain their maximum efficiency. 


Schedule A Cleaning 


For solar panel cleaning in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, contact us here at Big City Window Cleaners. Our periodic cleaning plans will keep your solar panels productive and efficient for years to come. Periodic cleaning also ensures warranty compliance and can greatly extend the life of your system. Call us today at 323-407-9002 to request a free estimate.

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